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Guangdong Speedy Elevator Co., Ltd.has advanced production equipment and sophisticated processing technology. Accumulates a wealth of experience in product design, development, technology and production management. Holds with the professional spirits, SPEEDY provides our customers with high reliability and high performance products. 

Various products such as: passenger lift, cargo lift, bed lift, observation lift, escalator, and moving earns a highly compliment from all our clients.

Since people are seeking for personalized features. SPEEDY also adjusts our adjusts our products to fit the advanced and nationality requirements. We are sure to provide customers with better and better services.




Address: Gaoming Yang and town Bayberry Sixth

                  Industrial Zone, Foshan City
Tel: +86-757-83622288
Domestic sales: +86-757-83622284 / 83622296
International Sales: +86-757-83622212
Fax: +86-757-83622211

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